photos taken 2023-03-19 by the owner
  mixture of manure, silage plastic and goat/sheep skeletons
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the main areas of contamination 
Tunnel (bågallarna), about 1 m high mixture of manure and  silage plastic covers the whole area.
The view from the house in the North-North/East direction
also skeletons are mixed in 
silage plastic is disintegrating 
the plastic flies 
deep in the ground, the manure disperse exposing plastic 
after a rain plastic floats with the water   
plastic in the water   
water pool to the left   
plastic start to show up   
plastic starts to show up.  
everywhere plastic   
during my UN inspections in the totalitarian states, we had to refer to privacy concepts of the capitalistic liberal democracies. We insisted that nobody was allow to enter our facilities without written request.
after more than 60 days we received an answer
BYGG 2021.68 and BYGG 2021.69
kronofogdens målnummer U-18091-22/1250
2015-03-30 Anteckning: "Det som finns runt lokalerna är "plast, skit och skräp""


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2023-02-23 Hanak
reminder 1.5 month has gone
2023-01-10 Hanak
awaiting answer
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Contamination,  plast förorening
SITUATION 2020-03-07
here are some idea what to do with it
We received some ideas but more are welcomed
Microplastic, scientific view