We are contacting other Swedish and International authorities in search for solutions.  International research  show that the larger pieces of silage plastics (under physical pressure and friction i.e. movement of earth) disintegrate into microplastics and pollute environment. This is very alarming specially that Ven (in the middle of Öresund) is a nature protected area and there are many aquatic birds living or passing the island.



We have purchased a farm on Ven and moved our plants from Vienna to Ven. Unfortunately we discovered that the soil is contaminated with the silage plastics. Also goat manure which was deposed on the property is contaminating with the small pieces of silage plastics. We will be grateful for some suggestions where should we find research on possible methodologies of cleaning the plastic contamination. We would welcome and facilitate any research and assist students who aim at developing methods of removing plastics from the soil.

  Det är relativt klart hur man ska ta hand om stora plaststycken. Problemet är med små ensilage delar som är blandade med jord och gödsel.  
  Non-Toxic environment programme  
  If you want to get involved in work with environmental monitoring and assessment,  contact  
  Anna Norman Haldén, coordinator, +46-(0)18-67 22 38
Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health
  Karin Wiberg, assist. coordinator, +46-(0)18-67 31 15, +46-(0)70-234 15 70
Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment
  You may watch this intresting Youtube video on the work done to prevent pollution