We are awaiting clarification regarding the dead-line for our views.  We have obtained the document yesterday 2022-05-12. We do not agree with the decision to build a house in the indicated location. We have objections related to several ecological, technical and formal issues and will provide full justification after a proper complete analysis of the case.
1. the document must be corrected and the entire document must be re-send to all parts, as the reference to our property and our arguments are not included in the documentation, see below, what could give an impression that we have not provided and counter-arguments and agreed to the proposal.
see page 15 of the protocol
here one can see that we are not mentioned

2. we would like to ask you to send us the whole document i.e. 56 pages 1-56  to prepare our arguments in a  serious way. (WE GOT IT)
3. we have KIVRA digital mail, please use it to provide the information.